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To positively impact the education of children and youth, particularly those with special needs and students at risk of school failure, by providing educators, professionals and parents with practical, affordable and theoretically sound products and service.

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disruptive behavior disorders

Disruptive Behavior Disorders

$52.99, Paperback

Fills a crucial need by describing ways to provide meaningful supports to students with disruptive behaviour disorders.

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daily meditations for calming your angry mind

Daily Meditations for Calming Your Angry Mind

$35.95, Paperback

help gain control of your emotional reactions, improve relationships, and cultivate peace, balance, and well-being in your life.

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act it out

Act It Out

$42.95, Softcover

One year of social skills lessons that addresses teens' need to use social skills through motivating scripts, skits, & guided practice.

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the motivated brain

The Motivated Brain

$39.95, Paperback

Identifies key brain-friendly strategies for improving student motivation, knowledge acquisition, retention and academic success.

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